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Scotland's Biggest Filmmaking Event!

Since 2008 we have created over 1000+ new Scottish short films.

Teams come together on a Friday to draw a genre from a hat and be given a character, prop and line of dialogue and have 48 hours to complete their movie.


Global Scot

Each May in Edinburgh we award the Global Scot award for International Collaboration.

This award celebrates collaboration between Scotland and the world. Teams might have participants working together from other countries, or may be based in Scotland with participants who are from other countries.

48HFP Glasgow 2022 - Unmuted - Film Stills - file 1 (2).png
48HFP Glasgow 2022 - Unmuted - Film Stills - file 1 (2).png

Proud Scot

Each October in Glasgow we present the Proud Scot award for outstanding cinematic exploration of gender and sexuality.

We are a safe and inclusive space and we celebrate gender diversity. This award celebrates unique and meaningful explorations of gender and sexual diversity.

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